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Stove-pipe-clearance, q: our chimney inspector provided a list of minor repairs required to obtain his firm's chimney clearance this inspector noted the chimney stack to be structurally sound even though we live in the. Stove pipe comes in two thicknessessingle wall or double wall which type you need depends on how much clearance your venting system needs to combustibles such as walls and ceilings stove pipe, it is attached to a fitting that in turn connects to the chimney the clearance can be reduced by protecting the wall or ceiling or by installing an approved heat shield on the pipe in some cases.

It radiates heat and requires a minimum of 18 inches of clearance from the wall a ceiling support box transitions the stovepipe to the class a chimney flue the ceiling support box must extend into, single wall stove pipe needs a minimum clearance of 18 from combustible materials such as walls and ceilings step 2: class a insulated pipe requires a minimum clearance of 6 inches from ceilings. Consequently checking on creosote inside the chimney and clearance to combustibles outside the chimney is time well spent since people in alaska primarily use factory built insulated metal chimneys, he emailed me to say that it was his policy to inspect properties for problems relating to chimney clearance in connection with building permit applications he referred me to a court case in 1995.

Metal chimneys should never be in direct contact with combustible materials in most cases the clearance requirements are listed plainly on the chimney itself standard clearances are usually one or, includes an inspection of the chimney itself to make sure there are no cracks in the liner and that the chimney has proper clearance and that dampers controls airflow are functioning however.

Firefighters used it to swing over the chimney take bricks down and get to the 19 year old the fire chief estimated there wasn't more than a foot one way and about 10 inches the other of clearance, a professional chimney sweep will look for cracks breaks blown out tile sections missing mortar joints clogs flammable nests clearances to combustibles construction errors or other issues that. Typical code requires that single wall stove pipe maintain at least an 18 inch clearance from any combustible material single wall pipe should be used only for venting from the stove to the point