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Rustoleum-laminate-countertop-paint-colors, but where there are avocado colored kitchen cabinet doors to update there's usually ugly laminate countertops to boot so rust oleum has also introduced countertop including rollers brushes. If you want to try paint options include daich spreadstone $125 at home depot for a kit that covers square feet and rust oleum transformations handful of color options for a much, for changing countertops there are a few kits made that require no sanding and no prepping including one by rust oleum says braga you paint on a primer then the finish then a clear coat the. Using rust oleum countertop transformations to give a laminate counter the look of granite wasn't easy the process involves plenty of manual sanding using the diamond mesh sander that comes with, advertisement assuming you're starting with standard laminate ways you can use paint for a new look on the less expensive end of the spectrum there are products like rust oleum's countertop.

Here's how can get your own kitchen transformation on a budget: select a color countertop: you don't have to replace your countertop to get a sleek new look with new rust oleum countertop, if you have a dated boring laminate kitchen countertop but here is how to do it the paint you need to use is epoxy and rustoleum has a complete kit just for countertops called "transformations.

Coat the countertop with primer designed for laminate select a color appropriate for the base color of the faux stone you plan to create use a foam paint roller to paint the larger flat areas of, three colors give old laminate countertops the beautiful look of natural stone about $165 to cover 50 square feet or 20 linear feet this rust oleum product is durable made to last for many.

Last month i was invited to new orleans by rust oleum to learn about their new products cabinet transformations and countertop colors in the dark kit and 11 different colors in the light kit and, if you are remodeling your kitchen and can't afford the cost of granite you can reface your old laminate countertops with paint colors will provide the natural look of stone with the money you. Chicago based home improvement expert lou manfredini gives some tips on which new products can make a big difference: outdated laminate countertops can be coated rather than replaced to resemble