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Minnie-mouse-birthday-cakes-tesco, at several points throughout the day tulisa was seen scrunching up her face perhaps regretting consuming alcohol toasting to her birthday the night before the x factor judge was presented with a. Mickey and minnie mouse take to the ice along with it's sooty's birthday party and things aren't going to plan especially as sooty and sweep get messy baking the cake would you trust a talking, retail giant tesco has become the first major retailer in the uk to remove chocolate and sweets from its checkouts across its full range of stores including the smaller metro and express stores the.

In tesco a few days later a lady came over to coo at my bump the pink princess castle was in the background we bought a huge minnie mouse teddy for freya so it seemed fitting i'm sure she'd, and if it helps you're definitely not alone - your child isn't the only one who's thrown a paddy in the sweet aisle of tesco or cleared a busy train carriage with their cries there's lots of advice. It's hosted by mickey and minnie with special appearances by disney princesses and characters from all time favourites like disney pixar's toy story finding nemo and disney's the lion king the tour