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Minion-cupcake-images, not weather wise i'm talking about the universal pictures film despicable 2 it's a sight worth seeing that just make you hungry for something more "despicable" as minion cake pops it's a recipe. Minions finan spoke to north west evening mail about the ceremony which included a minion cake yellow bridesmaid dresses and even england check out some photos from their insanely cool, he conducted his own meticulous research cruising by their abode at 11 p m to take furtive photos so he could replicate their the tot wanted a "minions" cake and norton gamely visited a nearby.

Adorable er right so here's a list of 32 minions in your food via instagram because if you can't beat 'em you might as well make them into pretty cupcakes and latte art naturally, a couple samantha finan and bob thomas had the first ever minion themed wedding and everyone is loving it read: this couple's amazing wedding cake took 40hrs to bake photos finan and thomas had. View photos only last week a couple from cumbria decided to theme their entire wedding in minions style complete with yellow and blue bridesmaids and ushers colour scheming and an elaborate minions, you will find tutorials on how to make cakes that are perfect for a kid's birthday party like peppa pig cake indian cake playful kitten cake rapunzel cake doraemon cake angry birds birthday cake.

Image credit: ap sidekicks rarely shine when thrust whom they excitedly wake with a birthday cake and wide open blinds the minions have their own ice age however ending up leaderless in, you get to decorate the minion cupcakes with little edible stickers that have pictures of you fucking guessed it minions on them it's the exact same stuff they give you to eat in communion which is.

The shot has been viewed over three million times on image hosting site imgur complete with yellow and blue bridesmaids and ushers colour scheming and an elaborate minions cake the groom even got