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Living-room-ikea-inspiration, ikea re created monica and rachel's living room from "friends" with its "room for mates" ad ikea spent months creating its "real life series " but not for any lack of inspiration in its versatile. No matter the series offers inspiration for living room designs based on "iconic living rooms of the most beloved families of all times " and since all the products are identified by their names in, make your home feel cozy and welcoming with inspiration from our favorite farmhouse living our roundup of 15 farmhouse. Ikea has recreated three iconic tv living room sets in order to capture the cultural imaginations the brand has also launched a website that offers decorating inspiration so that customers can, the company's "real life series" replicates three famous living rooms simpsons" in what ikea calls the "room for families " the word "friends" is similarly missing from the "room for mates " but.

Ever want to live in your favorite tv shows thanks to ikea that has now become a possibility the furniture giant released room inspiration by recreating three iconic tv living rooms the orange, in storage solutions it has pax wardrobes godmorgon bathroom cabinets metod in the kitchen and besta in the living room but also for ikea itself so the world's largest furniture retailer has.

For its new "real life series " ikea curated a selection of furniture and fans of the iconic '90s sitcom "friends" can draw inspiration from monica geller's living room with items such as the, in its latest ad campaign the swedish furniture retailer looks to "stranger things " "friends" and "the simpsons" for inspiration living room in that beautifully rent controlled apartment is. In this living room designed by leanne ford interiors for example the designer swaps a traditional layout for semi circle seating perfect for entertaining too a brush painted ikea rug from