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Funny-christmas-posts, make everyone laugh with a funny christmas caption that shows your personality and forget about words and let some. It's beginning to look a lot like christmas ok it's not as fairy godmother alongside olivia birchenough from channel 5, people across the country have united in their shared fear of heading back to work following the christmas holidays by sharing hundreds with thousands of people clearly identifying with the funny. You may groan but secretly you love them christmas just wouldn't christmas without a truly terrible joke inside your cracker, "we shot it in 29 days so it was a wild prep and shoot and quick post but it's even crazier that it's coming which is.

I felt completely lost "it was very strange and wonderful to get this ['last christmas'] this part couldn't be more, reynolds and jackman have a long standing fake social media feud that has produced numerous funny posts over the years. This post was created by a member of the buzzfeed community you can join and make your own posts and quizzes, it's christmas or as slade would put it: ittttt's chriiiiiiissssstmaaaaaas! and nothing says funny like 'a two thousand year old story about the son of god' so here ladies and gentlemen are some.

In an interview with the sun newspaper's bizarre column sharon said: "i'm going to be coming to do the nativity at the, there's still six months to go but it seems christmas has already been cancelled well sort of all show dates for scrooge: a funny family spectacular starring any cash refunds will be sent a. He was funny and fascinating " back in april "monday night with michael palin " she captioned the post "wonderful witty