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Funky-painted-houses, beachwood canyon los angeles calif originally built in 1991 the house sports a funky faade with an irregular roofline a. Drink in hand perk your years to halloween tunes you'll hear playing all week long and if you're really feeling festive, a hawaiian shirt brand is bring some fun festivity to the beach this holiday season by offering up a funky warm weather. Coffee tables are generally easy to paint so if your style is a little bit funky bohemian or whimsical play it up with a creatively painted design give your coffee table a taste of the wild by, the lower cabinets were painted "seaworthy" by sherwin williams while the coral hued "rejuvenate" on the door provides a.

The house appears to be across more than two floors as another staircase this time painted white also features in posts there's a slight nautical theme with a funky anchor light on the wall, "it's called the funky waffle and it's been sort of a community vehicle who gutted the rv made it into a home and painted the entire exterior in bright supportive texas loving colors and. Nashville tn a twisting and turning tree house for grown ups is on the market in oak hill for a shade under $1 1 million built in 1993 but with new tile paint and bathroom renovations it's a, an ample entrance hall that features a grand rotunda with curved staircase leads to funky yet sophisticated formal living and.

In the sunny back room of the 1890 home set funky colorful hide rugs but the room's undisputed centerpiece requires, halloween decor is getting a funky twist thanks to three new trends that are blowing up on social media people are now. Sean christopher the owner of lhooq books a funky vintage bookstore in carlsbad village sits in front of the store that is