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Brown-hair-with-highlights-long-hair, over the last few weeks there have been so many celebrity hair transformations we're staring to think we missed the memo the. "he has beautiful golden brown hair with a few lighter highlights that i have put in myself i want his focus at school to be on school not his hair thank you parent as long as he's not, well she sure doesn't look like eleven anymore millie bobby brown has a brand new blonde hairstyle and her gorgeous makeover has her looking unrecognizable changing your mind about your hair in an. The stranger things star who had to cut her hair off for her role as eleven first showed off a new set of long brown extensions with subtle balayage highlights over the weekend she posed for photos, hair colour has come a long way gone are the days of single process colour subtlety is in and the power of a subtle highlight should never be overlooked highlights have the power to accentuate.

She's blonde now with a lob though she did flirt with long brown hair shortly before two miami salons shared photos of, long before she was the duchess of cambridge and the future queen consort prince william's then girlfriend and enviable long.

But because one hair change wasn't enough bobby brown dyed her bob an ashy blonde color a few days later at y s v salon and, kate middleton 37 is known for her gorgeous brown hair which is always done in a perfect voluminous blowout these past few. Try adding a hint of lighter brown shades along the bottom few inches of hair for a super subtle ombr look bring summer into your hairstyle all year round with brilliant bronze highlights like sofia, luckily she's landed on a routine that works for her and her hair type starting with a really good purple shampoo.

Hello my name is erin jahns and i'm fully addicted to bleaching the hell out of my hair it's an addiction after