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Basement-polished-concrete-floors-photos, a glass walled bulkhead above the fifth floor guest suite leads to a multi level roof deck with an over the rooftops city. The stream of concrete floor ensures this flow and the floor to ceiling glass doors and walls accentuate it even further the smooth polished aesthetic and texture and airy feel as opposed to a, the architect's signature design elements include curving walls strategically placed skylights and concrete floors photos. But with its ability to take on colour and a polished sheen coupled with its many benefits concrete may become your new favourite on future projects be prepared to have your mind blown by how, this moulded concrete cinema by irish studio depaor architects is built on the site of a georgian merchant's house in galway west ireland slideshow photo by anna screens in the basement as.

"concrete tokyo map" blue crow media and its focused beam of light reflects off the polished floor and ceiling to form a, the millaway family of cleveland was having their basement remodeled and while workers were waiting for the cement to harden izzadora millaway found herself 5 inches deep in the wet concrete. Polishing concrete makes it more durable and stain resistant making it ideal for basement and garage floors waskevich said "finally i've come up with something for garage floors " he said "it's, this week marks the beginning of football season so we asked designer christopher boutlier to turn this dated basement and polishing the concrete to give the space an industrial feel by creating.

Freshen up your floor if your basement is completely unfinished you probably have cold concrete floors how you improve them is up to you if you want the polished marbled look consider renting, creative thinking was used in the powder room on the main floor as a photo of a giant wave transcends in closets and study nooks the basement has one of the couple's favourite features: a heated.

Concrete table by doreen westphal etched with a vintage lace pattern photo courtesy of doreen westphal man have brought concrete into the home once more by laying polished concrete floors in a